Current research and teaching projects with partners include:

  1. Understanding Indigenous Fijian Knowledge Systems. In partnership with the University of Western Australia Indigenous Studies program, this signature project involves Indigenous students from the Universities of Canberra and Western Australia travelling to remote locations in Fiji for two weeks. The program provides opportunities for the Indigenous Australian students to meet and discuss issues with their Indigenous counterparts studying at the University of South Pacific and Fiji National University, and to meet and learn about Indigenous Fijian knowledge through visits to remote Fijian villages.  Led by the University of Canberra. Funded by the New Colombo Plan, Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (2017-2019).
  2. Designing and Researching the Bundian Way Gateway. In partnership with the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council and the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation in NSW, this project investigates how the Indigenous trail network known as the Bundian Way, which spans over 350 km from the Snowy Mountains to the Far South Coast near Eden, can be represented through design features that serve as ways for Indigenous and non-Indigenous visitors to interpret the trail system. Funded by the University of Canberra Collaborative Indigenous Research Initiative (2016-2018)